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Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica which is a fantasy goal for some offers an exceptionally assorted landscape with obviously tropical shoreline along the pacific drift, profound backwoods and a lot of untamed life. Each individual from a travel gathering will discover something they want to do.

The Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste highlight palm tree secured coastlines and a lot of daylight while the Northern Plains and Caribbean drift are ideal for the individuals who need to get nearer to nature. One can zip line over the rainforest or climb a spring of gushing lava for a definitive enterprise. One thing for certain is that it’s an unmatched heaven.

There are an assortment of spots to stay including Costa Rica extravagance home rentals where one can loosen up in the wake of a prolonged outing and about. Here are probably the most well known things to do in this tropical play area; do incorporate them in arrangements to get the most out of the get-away.

Nicoya Peninsula

An 80-mile shoreline of beachy towns and fun in the sun is the main draw of Nicoya Peninsula. Leave the Costa Rica luxury home rental and venture out to enjoy the powdery, cream-colored sands and dense forests that make up an amazing view.

A diverse mix of fishing and cattle ranching communities as well as restaurants and hotels are featured among the stretch, so one can find whatever atmosphere they desire. Imagine relaxing by the turquoise waters, snorkeling to see the colorful fish that reside here and then enjoying a breathtaking sunset to end the day.

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is among that of the world’s most active volcanos, and a visit will please any thrill-seeker. Though no longer active as of 2010, the 5,000-foot-high volcano draws many visitors who appreciate its splendor from an observatory lounge in the nearby town of Fortuna.

The best way to get to Arenal Volcano is by car or bus leaving from San Jose. It’s easy to spend a day in the area, and then return to a posh, Costa Rica luxury home rental where one can relax and plan for the next day.

San Jose

As the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is the perfect starting point for either a day of relaxation or a day of exploring the city’s barrios or neighborhoods. The city is riddled with sky-high offices, apartment complexes and museums. Explore the diverse collections at the Gold Museum or Jade Museum featuring pre-Columbian pieces that are like no other. The Jade Museum’s presentation houses a huge collection in a small space that is utterly breathtaking, and hailed by visitors.

San Jose is mostly walkable, as the city is on a grid that makes it easy to find places of interest. However, there are also many cabs and public transportation available. About 3 miles west of the city is Escazu, a trendy spot featuring restaurants, clubs and eclectic shops where one can easily find a souvenir before heading “home” to their Costa Rica luxury home rental that carries all the amenities of home, unlike a hotel.


The Gold Coast of Costa Rica isn’t just hailed for its secluded beaches, but the sunny and dry savannas and mist-covered rainforests also bring plenty of vacationers. The thriving cowboy culture has flourished ever since the 19th century when Spanish colonial rule took over. Visit Playa Carrillo beach and Rincon de la Vieja National Park, as well as Santa Rosa National Park which are all loved by recent visitors. Rincon de la Vieja National Park features hot springs and waterfalls as well as a bit of volcanic activity.

Guanacaste can be found on the North Pacific Coast where there are plenty of Costa Rica luxury home rentals. Fly into Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport to reach this spot easiest.