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Ways to Experience in Dubai

Dubai is to a great degree intriguing goal to be in. Among all the seven emirates in the UAE, it has parcels to offer in the method for staggering shoreline resorts and Desert Safari in Dubai. Other than the doubtful extends of gleaming sand and shining waters of the Persian Gulf, the grandiose climate turn spending a day on the shoreline one of the transcendent approaches to revive and take a shot at your tan.

In the event that you are sufficiently lucky to go to Dubai, then there are some ways that you should attempt to make your trek an essential one:

1. Gourmet Grub

The blend culture of Dubai just means each formula found on the planet is symbolized here at to a great degree compelling costs. For the tasty touch of Dubai sustenance, visit Zuma where the expert staff and open kitchen will win over the interest for you.

2. Dubai’s two-line driverless train Dhs11

When you are in Dubai, you need not to travel in metros, taxis and plump when Dhs11 is here to offer the cheapest trip in the world. It is two-line driverless train for which you can buy a Nol card, from Dhs1.8 (short hop) to Dhs5.8 (longer trip).

3. Bike Ride

In the recent past, Dubai has invested in various rental bike schemes. The bike lovers can easily rent the sturdy bikes from Dhs15 for 30 minutes. Recently, Dubai become gradually more pedestrian-friendly with restaurants, cafes and thus going off what previously have been inhospitable streets.

4. Nightlife

Several visitors love to eat and shop, however they also love a lively nightlife. With the number of night exhibitions and night clubs, Dubai will never let you down. Dubai’s famous expensive bars are blessing in disguise, where the choice of drinks are free.

5. Traditional Retail therapy

Dubai has number of shops and malls offering the variety of goods. You can buy the best quality saffron, gold, cinnamon and frankincense from here. If you identify how to haggle, you can explore bargains that you can never find across the globe.

6. Jumeirah Mosque

The city’s largest mosque, run by the Sheikh Mohammed is a centre for enlightening perceptive. A dress covering shoulders and knees is needed inside the mosque.

7. Jumeirah Beach

You must visit the Jumeirah Beach as it offers an option to the amazing beach holiday that you might suppose in the likes of Turkey, Spain or the Canary Islands.

8. Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai offers flavour of Bedouin life with the perfect blend of twist. You can take 4 wheel drive vehicle to explore the dune bashing in style. A hip gyrating and sexy belly dance with an authentic dinner is incredible to top it up.

9. Wild Wadi water Park

It is the best park in the Middle East with best water slide in the world. You have loads of fun in water that brings out the child in you.

10. Dubai Museum

Explore what Dubai resembled for the Emiratis and Bedouins at Dubai museum in the Al Fahidi Fort at free of cost.